What's your flavour?

One of the best (in my opinion!) parts of planning your wedding is choosing which flavours to have in your wedding cake. A lot has changed since the days of traditionally royal iced fruit cake, or dry sponge cakes with less than inspiring fillings, so why not try something a little bit more interesting, and delicious!

dark chocolate and salted caramel

Most couples that we work with choose to have each tier of their wedding cake in a different flavour, but how do you decide on which ones?

The first step is to try some different flavours, most wedding cake designers should offer a tasting session or have samples available for you to try, and then see which ones are your favourites. This is the most important step - choose cake flavours that you love, not just what you think your guests will enjoy, after all, it's your wedding day!

Secondly, you may want to take into consideration which other food or desserts are being served alongside the cake, if you are offering a real Lake District favourite - sticky toffee pudding - as a dessert, you probably won't want to have 4 tiers of it as your wedding cake.

Lastly, what time of year is your wedding? Heavier and richer cake flavours such as dark chocolate mud are more suited to autumn and winter weddings, whereas light and fruity limoncello drizzle cake is perfectly for sunny summer wedding.

If you're looking for some flavour inspiration take a look at our full menu here. Or if you're planning your wedding in the Lake District and are looking for advice and help with your wedding cake please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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