Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

Each year the colour experts at Pantone carefully analyse trends across many sectors, including fashion, technology, social media and even films and art collections to decide on a colour that reflects the global mood.

People like myself who work in the wedding industry eagerly wait to see which colour will be chosen as it often becomes a key part of that year's colour schemes and themes, and this year it's "Classic Blue 19-4052", a beautiful relaxed blue that Pantone say is "suggestive of the sky at dusk".

So, how does this relate to wedding cakes and how can you include the colour of the moment into your design?

A block of colour, such as the bottom tier of this floral cake, can make a dramatic statement...

Alternatively, a hand dyed silk ribbon as used on this cake, can be used to help pull together any other blue elements in the wedding theme, while still having a white wedding cake...

However you choose to include classic blue into your day, happy wedding planning!

Kelly x