Questions to ask your wedding cake maker!

For many people, commissioning a wedding cake is the first time they are actually ordering any type cake at all, and it can be hard to know what to look for in a cake maker, so with my experience as both a bride (a few years ago!) and a professional wedding supplier in the Lake District, these are the questions you should be asking...

1 ) Are you available?

The most important question! Some cake makers such as myself will only take on a limited number of wedding cakes per week, and so peak summer dates and bank holidays can often get booked up over a year in advance. Before you ask any other questions about designs or price ask this first!

2) Are you registered and insured?

Will your cake be made to strict hygiene standards in a registered and inspected kitchen, where all ingredients are noted, allergens accounted for, and your baker is following best practices?

And are they insured for public liability in the event that someone becomes ill from the cake?

There are a lot of unregistered cake makers that can offer cheaper prices than professional ones, but would you want to take the risk on your wedding day?

3) Can I try some cake?

Sampling cake flavours is one of the best parts about planning a wedding, and you want to make sure that the cake your are serving to all of your friends and family is delicious. Always ask to try some of the flavours before you book, any good cake maker would be happy to provide you with some samples, even there's a charge to do so, better to know the cake is good now than to find out it's less than perfect on the big day

4) How many wedding cakes have you made before?

More doesn't necessarily mean better in terms of flavour and designs, but having an experienced cake maker that knows the wedding industry and has a few cakes under their belt will mean they are better able to deal with any unusual requests, provide allergy advice, and make designs and flavour suggestions to suit your day.

5) Can I read some reviews?

When choosing any wedding supplier always look for testimonials. A lot of businesses will have great reviews on their website, but look for ones on google and facebook too. Or even better, if you have any friends that have got married recently ask them which suppliers they used, did they love them? Would they recommend them?

You can always ask me any questions by messaging me over on Instagram or get in touch about your own wedding cake through my contact form!

Speak soon

Kelly x